Eco friendly cosmetics are booming business in the UK, but should we pay more for sustainable products or should sustainability just be part of the deal. PDV commissioned sister company MyOffers to lift the lid on what users of cosmetics really think.

MyOffers asked 11,000 users of cosmetics how important eco-friendly credentials are when choosing their cosmetics. That 60% of them rated eco-friendliness between 8 and 10 out of 10 (with 10 being super-important) surprises nobody anywhere.

Most people want other people to think they care about sustainability.

eco-friendly cosmetic graph 1

Where it gets more interesting is if we start to dig into how much more people are prepared to pay for eco-friendly cosmetics. In line with other recent research into this topic around 80% of people are prepared to pay more, and 23% of people are prepared to pay a lot more.

eco-friendly cosmetic graph 2

Younger people are more likely to put their hands in their pockets than more seasoned buyers. Startlingly, nearly a quarter of people over 55 who said they consider eco-friendliness to be important in their choice of cosmetics, were not prepared to pay a single extra penny for it.


What does this mean to marketers? It’s crucial to segment your audience and deliver the right message and offer to the right cohorts.  For many, Eco-friendliness will be a strong selling feature in its own right. For others, those who consider sustainability should be a given, eco-friendly messaging should be handled with a light touch and the value of the product centred on its other features and benefits.

Segment your audience for success in this market.