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We help maximise your data-driven campaigns

Our range of services can support you with any aspect of your direct marketing campaign.

Campaign Strategy

A plan to optimise your results

We help you plan every stage and work through a timeline, so everything falls efficiently into place.

Agreeing your key objectives
You set the key objectives and we will work with your team on the best campaign strategy to deliver them.

Testing is the key to understanding
The planning stage includes a robust ‘test and learn’ strategy – including data, targeting, creative, copy and offers – to drive continual optimisation.

Performance Optimisation

Learning fast from all activity

Our end-to-end solution, helps manage every factor that can impact the customer journey and response.

  • Codes assigned to each test
  • Call agents campaign briefs
  • Set-up and database build for data capture
  • Look-up tables for ease of response

By controlling and tracking each stage of the process, we identify which factors work well and which need adjustment to maximise performance.

Campaign Activation

Stress-free campaign management

Activating a marketing campaign successfully involves managing various suppliers; from designers to developers, printers to postal providers, call centres, email providers, data analysts, digital enablers and many more.

Our experienced Campaign Management team can co-ordinate and manage your campaign for you from start to finish. We can work with your own supply chain or provide access to our network of providers.

We will build campaign timelines and project manage the activation ensuring your marketing campaign is delivered on time and within budget.

Consumer Data

Responsive, accurate and compliant

We only supply ‘actual-factual’ data collected directly from the individual, ensuring your marketing is targeted accurately and effectively.

  • Data is supplied under Legitimate Interest (postal and phone) or Consent (phone, email and SMS).
  • Consent data is collected for your brand, meeting our 3 point guidelines; Who (will make contact), What (purpose) and How (will contact be made).
  • Our group databases offer up to 400 variables across 20 million individuals, including demographic, lifestyle and purchasing behaviour.
Data Collection

Making sure data is ready and robust

To adhere to the principles of GDPR, it is essential to remain as close as possible to the point of data collection. Compliant first party data collection is critical.

And we practice what we preach!
Our group owns the UK’s leading data collectors, Data Locator Group and MyOffers, who run respected and long-established data collection programmes. We know what it takes to ensure your campaigns use only high performing and compliant data.

Compliance Management

Ensuring everything is legally compliant

Privacy By Design
A concept central to everything we do, ‘privacy by design’ ensures we process direct marketing data with the best interests of consumers at heart.

Protection from Reputational Risk
We are proud to have completed an ICO audit to the Regulators’ satisfaction, so we are aware of the potential risks and reputational damage associated with non-compliance. With PDV you can be confident that the collection, processing and sharing of data meet the required standards for your campaigns.

Data Planning

Optimising your campaign

Our planning experts will take the time to understand your specific campaign objectives and tailor the perfect marketing solution for you.

We unlock your most profitable customers
Your customer data and your previous results will be combined with our group’s vast data resources and analysed using the latest techniques to identify the most responsive and cost-effective contact method.

Reduce costs with our one-stop service
There’s no need to manage a group of suppliers as we can do that for you. This reduces duplication, lowers costs and improves efficiency.

Insights & Analytics

Insights that will unlock more customers

Targeting effectively is the primary challenge for marketers.

We have exclusive access to group databases containing over 20 million records with over 400 variables, including demographic indicators, lifestyle variables and purchasing behaviour. Plus, we don’t rely on derived variables, they are all first-party collected.

Customer profiles drive activity
Together with your own data, we’ll build an accurate profile of your customer. This profile is then used to tailor the targeting and optimise marketing propositions for different audience segments.

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