Trying to have more than a passing interest in our present global climate catastrophe can be a little overwhelming. There – I’ve said it. It’s absurd, and if I’m honest with myself slightly pathetic.

It’s also classically human. Humans have been monumentally successful at short-term self-interest for millennia. Many of us have been less successful at the long term. A global energy price shock has done more to accelerate renewable energy investment than decades of scientists dire warnings.

So I’m not alone in not being much cop at this. Any attempts I might have made to help improve global warming have so far amounted to a hill of beans. I’ve thought a lot about Doing Something Useful, but the best I could come up with was Benign Dictatorship. I quickly found I couldn’t even achieve that status in my own home. Weirdly, aiming too high wasn’t helping at all, it was pinning me to the spot.

Thankfully there’s oodles of less star-gazey people willing to roll their sleeves up and crack on with doing something useful. It turns out that PDV’s print management team have been quietly offsetting carbon emissions produced by the direct mail campaigns of our clients without passing that cost onto our clients. As a result, from the last three months alone, we’ve enabled the World Land Trust to restore nearly 7,000m2 of tropical habitat and offset 36 tonnes of CO2.

And who did they tell? Nobody. Not even our clients or our colleagues. No greenwashing or virtue signalling, just doing stuff. So this is a homage from a massive prevaricating gob-shite to all those quiet do-ers out there. I wish I could be a bit more like you.

Go visit the World Land Trust, they are good people