Digital Designer Zan Khan


I start my day by making sure that I am feeling fresh and well awake. I do this by washing my face with cold water, the cold water splashing the face is really invigorating. I continue by making myself a nice cup of hot tea. The tea provides the boost and stimulant. Now am fresh and awake I listen to my playlist of upbeat music as I get ready. I continue with the music for my commute to work.

First Half Hour

I start my morning off by checking the various channels for messages and updates regarding creatives. I structure the day accordingly so that I am maximising productivity as well as addressing any changes required or new briefs that have been sent to me.


I work on our Brand MyOffers, which is a competition website. Every month, we release prizes and I work on the creatives for them. I will make my way through checking the prize schedule and Trello to see which prize creatives I need to produce.

In the morning, I start working on the prize by producing scamps, so I have the initial idea down to work off as a base. I will then spend time sourcing the imagery for the prize, this part can be a time-consuming task as you need to find the right image to fit the prize product.

I’ll use Photoshop to composite an image using various elements for the prize. Images are so important as it’s a visual presentation of the prize and needs to support the prize copy on the site.

Once I have created the image, I will work on creating the prize Image along with the social media assets and the landing page for the prize.

Designing landing page.


Ahh lunchtime, as a foodie I look forward to lunchtime to dig in. As the work and designing process stimulates the mind so does lunchtime. Time to step away and refuel and let the engine rest. Lunchtime provides time away so when you come back you have a fresh perspective.


In the afternoon, I will work on designing an email creative for the prize. I create the email creative making sure that it maintains the look and feel of the landing page for continuity, as the two are connected.

I will then code the email creative and upload it to an email broadcast platform for testing. I carry out tests to make sure that the email creative renders correctly across various email clients.

I will make debug the html code if required and solve any issues that may arise based on the various email client renderings.

The aim is for the email to display as intended and be responsive. Emails are important part of the marketing, and it is crucial that the viewers receive a good experience.

Web coding for email.

What would you say is your favourite part of your work?

My favourite part of my work I would say Is working on the landing pages. Once I have the assets e.g. Images and copy, it is all about bringing it together in a complimentary and coercive manner. This will promote the prize and shape the experience and Interaction of the viewer.

After work

After work it is all about family time for me, catching up and spending time bonding.

If you couldn’t work for PDV what work would you do?

If I was not working for PDV or being a designer I would be a cook as I am a big foodie.

What would be your signature dish as a cook?

As a cook, my signature dish would be spicy lamb chops. A nice well-cut lamb chop is tender and possesses the richness to marry with various herbs and spices. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water.