After a few months of settling into her new role, I caught up with Katie to ask her what her typical day at PDV looks like. Here’s what she had to say…


My day starts with the alarm blaring at 6:30 AM, and after hitting snooze a couple of times, I’m up and getting middle-child ready for school. I drop my youngest off at breakfast club, take my dogs for a walk in the woods, and then it’s off to the office.


As soon as I arrive, I run up the stairs, put the kettle on, and start catching up on emails while I eat my breakfast. I spend a good chunk of my morning on LinkedIn, connecting with people in the industry and brands I want to work with, building relationships.

I have a meeting with a prospective client in the afternoon, so I spend some time researching their business model to tailor our services to their needs. I also check through my presentation and make any necessary changes.


Lunchtime is gym time for me, as I’m working on running 5km under 30 minutes on my own. After a quick shower, I head to my favourite local craft bakery for a delicious harissa chicken sandwich. Back at the office, I catch up with my colleagues over a game of pool before getting back to work.


In the afternoon, I respond to a few agency orders and follow up on counts that haven’t been placed yet. I also have a successful Teams meeting with my prospective client, and we schedule another meeting for next week. After that I catch up with the team to share my excitement and to start my favourite part of the job. We start working together to prepare a detailed test campaign plan. I love getting under the skin of our clients’ brand, products and target audiences.


After work, I spend time with my kids, make dinner, take my middle child to football practice and go for a walk around the shops before heading home. I relax with my husband on a video call and watch a TV series together before heading to bed early.

If I couldn’t work as an account manager, my dream job would be to work as a marine biologist. I’m fascinated by the ocean and sea creatures and would love to have a career that combines my passion for the marine world with my desire to help protect it.