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Targeting the Over 60’s Market

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Pure Cremation promote their low-cost direct cremation service to people (primarily) aged 60 and over as an alternative to expensive Funeral Plans.

They were in scale-up phase and knew that only volume marketing could help them grow quickly. Pure Cremation needed a team to help them determine the viable channels and to plan and execute a scalable marketing programme built on a test and learn (and scale quickly) strategy.

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Talking about cremation

How do you engage people on the subject of paying for their own cremation?

It’s not something many people think about and they are therefore not informed of its benefits. A direct cremation service can save money and reduce the stress on loved ones of making decisions at a difficult time. It is a way of ensuring wishes are met and an opportunity to share how one would like to be remembered.

Our challenge was to find the most effective communication channel to encourage people to consider the benefits of cremation.

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We developed an offline marketing strategy ...

Direct Mail is perfect for getting all this information across in a format that people can read and digest in their own home and in their own time.

PDV developed a multi-channel offline marketing strategy for Pure Cremation, to include Direct Mail, Partially Addressed Mail and Door Drops.

We initially conducted a market sizing exercise to identify the target audience and channel overlap. We then reviewed each data source for compliance and built a robust test plan with the objective of delivering new customers within the target Cost per Sale. Planning activity in this way also ensured PDV could drive down print and production costs and our sales attribution analysis identified the most appropriate use and timing of DM, PAM and DD going forward.

Pure Cremations Direct Mail

Direct mail success


Contact Channels


Creative & Data Testing Cells


Cost Per Sale Improvement

The first campaign delivered a cost per sale of just 47% of the original target.

Response analysis and accurate attribution has been a key to replicating and improving upon the success of this campaign and PDVs team of data scientists love nothing more than winkling clues out of the data and helping to turn them into actionable insights.

Fast forward 18 months and PDV ran campaigns for Pure Cremation across all three channels with Door Drops supporting the lower cost per sale channels of Direct Mail and Partially Addressed Mail. The campaigns ran to more than a million pieces per month and typically included up to 30 different cells testing creative and data to ensure sustainability and continual improvement.

Whilst the Pure Group have paused Direct Mail activity for the time being, it remains the most cost-effective channel they used in the first half of 2022.