PDV and Angel - CPA Donation Acquisition

Acquire Regular Donors at Scale

PDV and Angel collaborate to offer fully managed donor acquisition campaigns on a Pure Cost-Per-Acquisition Model.

These campaigns are powered by high-performing consented leads, meticulously curated by PDV and Angel’s expert Fundraisers convert those leads into committed regular donors/lottery players.

We can help you transform your charity campaigns

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1 | Charity Sector Specialists

We specialise in data collection for charities, understanding fundraising challenges and compliance needs. With over 40 charity clients, we ensure your brand's unique cause is represented.

Lead Generation

2 | Expert Lead Generation

We provide compliant data solutions for omni-channel campaigns. With access to first-party data and a 150+ partner network, we can help you reach the right donors. Our profiling and data analysis expertise enables us to optimise your campaigns.


3 | Telemarketing Conversion

We nurture donor relationships with personalised calls tailored to your charity's needs. From brand voice to experience, we ensure a seamless interaction across all touchpoints.

Thank You Letter Fulfilment

4 | Thank You Letter Fulfilment

We manage the entire donor acquisition process, from lead generation to thank you letters, streamlining onboarding and enhancing donor experience.

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